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Category: PC Health
Download Now! Antivirus Popular Version: A
Submitted Date:  2012/11/24

Free Antivirus from Microsoft that both works and doesn't bring your PC to a crawl.

AntiVirus is as important as insurance on your house or car. Just surfing the Web exposes your system to virus risks. Antivirus will help reduce that risk.

Always check the antivirus is upto date and run a scan once a fortnight or more.

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Category: Drivers
Download Now! Nvidia Graphic card driver Popular Version: Latest
Submitted Date:  2008/6/25
If you have an nVidia based graphics card you can download the latest driver here. Note that the GX2 series cards have a different driver to all past graphic cards.

Alpine tip: Always keep a backup of the driver you have installed as the latest driver doesn't always mean it is better in every aspect.

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Category: PC Health
Download Now! Horizon Simulation Popular Version: All
Submitted Date:  2007/7/20
Make sure you keep up to date with the latest patches for all your scenery from Horizon Simulation.

There is a new patch for the installation error that says a file is missing.

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Category: Drivers
Download Now! FSX Service Pack 1 Popular Version: 1
Submitted Date:  2007/7/20
This is the Microsoft service pack for FSX, Flight Simulator X.

Please read the install guide lines in the Forum under General Chat and let us know your initial thoughts.


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Category: PC Health
Download Now! Download this file to remove the nvidia SLI warning Popular Version: 1.0
Submitted Date:  2007/4/19
If you want to stop that message balloon that pops up when you have an SLI capable motherboard, download this little registry fix and peace will be restored.
Save the file to your computer and double click to install the code
into the registry.

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