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Visit    Bristol Flight Simulator Group Popular Last Update: 2009/5/14 10:56
Hits: 1368
Based in the east of Bristol (UK) in Downend this is a group of Flight Simulator enthusiasts that meet once a month.

I have the pleasure of knowing a few of the members of this group and can assure you of a very friendly welcome should you wish to go along to their very informative meetings.

A definete 'Thumbs up' from me

 Bristol Flight Simulator Group Popular

Category: Flight Sim Links
Visit     The Shaker Centre Popular Last Update: 2007/5/21 16:17
Hits: 2001

A way of adding even more realism to your Flight Simulation using the superb 'Butt Kicker'

  The Shaker Centre Popular

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Visit    CH Products Popular Last Update: 2007/5/13 11:45
Hits: 1662

CH Products award winning Flight Yoke and Pedals provide realistic control for flight simulation.

 CH Products Popular

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Visit     FS Insider Popular Last Update: 2007/5/3 15:36
Hits: 1755

News and information from Microsoft about the Flight Simulator program.

  FS Insider Popular

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Visit     Bruce Air LLC Popular Last Update: 2007/4/29 0:36
Hits: 1597

Book: Microsoft® Flight Simulator as a Training Aid

Bruce Williams takes Flight Simulator to its highest level as a flight training tool.

"This is a guide for anyone wanting to maximize their real or virtual cockpit experience..." -Rod Machado, aviation author, flight instructor, speaker and official flight instructor for Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

  Bruce Air LLC Popular

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Visit     Royal Air Force Virtual Popular Last Update: 2008/3/30 13:52
Hits: 1843

Extend your flight Simulator fun with

A place where like minded people spend their time on a virtual simulator copying the RAF as closely as it can in the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  Royal Air Force Virtual Popular

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Visit     PC Pilots Ireland Popular Last Update: 2007/5/13 11:46
Hits: 2053

Our friend Terry and his team from across the sea in Dublin, Ireland. A terrific quarterly flight sim magazine packed with everything to do with Flight Simulation ... A great read !!!

  PC Pilots Ireland Popular

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Visit     PC Pilot magazine Popular Last Update: 2006/9/2 12:50
Hits: 1093
Read our article in the PC Pilot magazine Bi-monthly.

  PC Pilot magazine Popular

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Visit     MS Flightsim History Popular Last Update: 2006/7/23 10:57
Hits: 1179
Take a look at this site and see how far Flightsim has come.

  MS Flightsim History Popular

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Visit     FlightSim Popular Last Update: 2006/8/8 8:39
Hits: 1150
A superb site for all your flight sim needs

  FlightSim Popular

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