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Alpine Systems : Flying FSX using Solid State Drives
Posted by Paul on 2009/6/17 22:41:42 (21483 reads)
Ok ... we know our systems do a complete justice to FSX .... but what can we do to make our flying experience perform even better !!! ????

We ponder ... we look at each other .... we sip more coffee ... we ponder again ... we sigh .... and then one of us will say ...

We install the very fast i7 processors from the Intel stables and use excellent memory modules and indeed, we fit the world's fastest graphics cards from NVidia .. so what is there we can look at?

What really is the bottle neck!!

Well .. if any of you are paralleling our wavelength .. the answer is ....... The Hard Disk Drive ....

Apart from the DVD player this is the only thing inside the system that has 'moving parts' and, for want of a better word .. the most 'archaic' component that resides there.

The answer ....

SSD or to give it it's full name a Solid State Drive ....

This basically is a 'non moving' (no spinning platters/disks) hard disk drive that will store FSX and any scenery or third party addons you may want to load ..

The Result using FSX?

One word is all that is needed ...... STUNNING!!

Ok .. we did a great deal of research on this and you have to be very careful which SSD you choose because not are all what they seem ...

It is very important to make sure you pick one with very fast access times and a pretty good write time too ... and yes .. we have found it!

Now time to reach for your hankies ... let the salivating begin ..

Here are the preliminary results
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