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Alpine Systems : Flying FSX using Solid State Drives
Posted by Paul on 2009/6/17 22:41:42 (21481 reads)

Based on Default FSX Deluxe loaded

Load up time from choosing a flight to sat on the flight deck

Twelve seconds !! YES 12 seconds!!

Based on Default FSX Deluxe loaded with the superb VFR Photographic Scenery from Horizon.

22 Seconds !!

Frame rates .....

Everything cranked up .... apart from AutoGen which is set to 'Dense'

Over 180 frames per second in most cases

With Light bloom added .. which is usually a killer on the frame rates

Over 100 frames per second in most cases

Staggering performance!!

I will be testing it using Gary Summons 's extreme airports over the next few days so watch this space ... this is an important one because most of us like to use Gary's wonderful masterpieces :))

Ok ... now the worst bit !!

It comes at a price ... it's not cheap ...

The SSD size is also limiting but not out of the question ...

256GB is the best option and what we have done is to connect two together in a 'Stripe Raid' configuration to give a very decent 512Gb.

You could get away with one 256Gb drive but you would need to be choosy on what you want to load because of the space.

If you look at our systems on the systems page 'click here' any of them can be configured to have SSD installed in as an alternative.

We pondered for a while ....

and on that note ... we'll leave you to do the same

If you need anymore information please either give us a ring or email us ... we'll be happy to discuss this with you.
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